Top Crypto Analyst Revela Bitcoin 2021 Price Outlook, Diz que o XRP continuará a ter um desempenho inferior

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Still Bullish: MicroStrategy köper ytterligare 50 miljoner dollar i Bitcoin

Även om priset på Bitcoin har stigit har MicroStrategy fortsatt att köpa BTC. Det äger nu cirka 765 miljoner dollar i värde. Enligt SEC-arkivering från idag har företagsintelligensföretaget MicroStrategy köpt 2 754 Bitcoins till 19 427 dollar vardera – värt totalt 50 miljoner dollar. VD Michael Saylor bekräftade köpet på Twitter. Det offentligt ägda företaget […]
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World AIDS Day: blockchain solutions to fight the virus

There are several blockchain solutions aimed at fighting the disease. In this article, we’ll show you some notable cases of these solutions, ranging from prevention to donation Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS or HIV) is a sexually transmitted disease which, since its first appearance, has made the world tremble. For now, […]
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Bitcoin on front page of The Wall Street Journal

Bitcoin on front page of The Wall Street Journal Crypto-currencies have again attracted the attention of the mainstream media. The Wall Street Journal spoke on its front page about the Bitcoin rally by 80 percent. Bitcoin (BTC) has completed a rally and increased by 80 percent in two months. Bitcoin is thus once again attracting […]
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BlackRock’s IOC is also certain that Bitcoin will replace the gold

Rick Rieder predicted that Bitcoin will „largely take the place of gold“ as it is much easier to store and transfer An executive at BlockRock, the world’s largest investment firm, has admitted that Bitcoin (BTC) has become a recognised asset in the global financial system, further proof that general opinion on cryptocurrency is changing rapidly. […]
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Las instituciones dejan caer el oro por Bitcoin mientras los comerciantes se preparan para el lanzamiento de Ethereum 2.0 – eToro Crypto Roundup

Como los resultados se vieron durante días en las elecciones de EE.UU., Bitcoin emergió como un claro ganador. La cripto moneda líder alcanzó máximos de más de 15.000 dólares, antes de retroceder ligeramente cuando las redes de medios anunciaron que Joe Biden entrará en la Casa Blanca. El repunte de la cripto moneda fue acompañado […]
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Bitcoin touches $14,000 exactly 12 years after the publication of its white paper

Bitcoin has temporarily exceeded the critical $14,000 mark, reaching its highest level since January 2018. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) temporarily exceeded $14,000 on October 31, the same day Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper in 2008. Since then, the world’s largest cryptocurrency has seen surprising and exponential growth in various areas. 12 years […]
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O ex-Goldman Sachs Exec Raoul Pal diz

O ex-Goldman Sachs Exec Raoul Pal diz: „Bitcoin está comendo o mundo“ Na terça-feira (27 de outubro), Raoul Pal explicou por que ele acredita que nos próximos 18 meses se tornará cada vez mais aparente que „o desempenho de Bitcoin é SO dominante“ que „possuir qualquer outro ativo não faz quase nenhum sentido“. Antes de […]